Johann Kräftner studied architecture, specialising in the history of art and conservation. He became head of the Department of Architectural Design at the Technical University of Vienna in 1998. For many years he was responsible for the design of numerous exhibitions at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Bank Austria Kunstforum, the Österreichische Galerie at the Belvedere and the Galleria Borghese in Rome. In 2002 he began to devote himself entirely to his new duties as director of the LIECHTENSTEIN MUSEUM and of the Princely Collections in Vaduz. In addition to selecting the exhibits, works for restoration and new acquisitions, Johann Kräftner was also responsible for the overall management of the renovation programme of the Liechtenstein palace and its adaptation as a museum. Here the main concern was to carefully restore the historic fabric as nearly as possible to its original condition while also creating a museum that would meet the very latest aesthetic and technical standards. He describes the essential aim of his activities as the preservation, maintenance, enlargement and appropriate presentation of the art collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein.